Online Directory of Fiscal Sponsors in the US

The San Francisco Study Center has launched an online directory of 147 fiscal sponsors in 28 states and DC. (Are you wondering what the heck a fiscal sponsor is? A quote on the Web site describes it this way: “(Fiscal sponsorship is) an arrangement between a 501(c)(3) public charity and a project (that does not have that tax status) in which, typically, the charity receives and expends funds to advance the charitable work of the project while retaining discretion and control over the funds.”) The Fiscal Sponsor Directory is available at

You can do a search by state or by service category (arts & culture, disaster relief, economic development, etc.) I took a look at the fiscal sponsors in California and found about fifty (in other words, a third of the database!), from Agape Foundation to Z Space Studio. Each listing contains contact information for the sponsors, year it become a 501(c), the year they first became a fiscal sponsor and how many sponsored projects it has. There’s also information about costs for fiscal sponsorship (the listings I looked at mostly had applications fees and then a percentage of the funds raised), eligibility criteria, types of projects sponsored, and an organization description.

In addition to the listings of sponsors, there’s also a brief resource list, a timeline, and a news section.

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