95 Year Old Editorial Cartoons! The More Things Change…

I do not often get political or “current-eventy” here (outside of what works with demonstrating search engines) but I had to share this editorial cartoon I found when I was reviewing the Wyoming Newspaper Project. The project’s at and hopefully they won’t hunt me down for reprinting this cartoon.

This cartoon is from the January 4, 1913 Wyoming Press. In case you can’t read the lettering, it features a Sisyphean character labeled “Legitimate Business” rolling a bag of money (which is leaking coins) up a hill. The bag is labeled “Wall Street Gambling.”

January 4, 1913 Editorial Cartoon

January 4, 1913 Editorial Cartoon

The more things change…

Anyway, The Wyoming Newspaper project is great. If you’re looking for vintage newspaper fiction proceed to the site and
search for dastardly villain. Have fun!

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