Big Link List — The Property Assessment Directory

Oh, I love looking at an old-fashioned link list. It just makes me feel all warm n’ fuzzy. Such a one is the Property Assessment Directory, located at I shouldn’t be surprised that this site has that old school vibe — it’s been around for about ten years but has recently been through a move n’ update n’ addon.

It’s so old school I don’t have to walk you through any intricacies of menus or setup: a quick look at the sitemap shows you only have to nav three pages. The first page has a list of states and with each state a list of property assessment sites. For the most part those are counties, but there are some additional databases and aggregated resources as well. There are some international assessment resources sprinkled in with the states — the list includes “Iowa, Jamaica, Kansas” — but they’re overwhelmed by the US county listings.

The second page is an article on assessing net worth (mostly for the purposes of prospect research.) The third page has a fairly brief link list on understanding real estate with some embedded real-time information. I expect this’ll be fleshed out over time.

All three pages have the same sidebar, which includes links for real estate assessment and some prospect research links.

I randomly picked ten sites in the directory and nine of them worked (the other looked like the front end to a subscription site.) There are a LOT of links here, though. Old school as I am I think I would appreciate some kind of page preview — like websnapr that would give me a quick idea of where I was going. Last-checked dates on the links would be nice too…

… but man, this is a lot of information cram-packed into one small Web site. Well done Property Assessment Directory.

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