Trend Keywords in the New York Times

Not as up-to-the-minute as Google Trends, but still fun. NYT Trender, at, allows you to enter two search terms and get a graph of how those topics trended over at the NYT for 2008.

NYT Trender: Stuffing v. Potatoes

NYT Trender: Stuffing v. Potatoes

The classic search for trends is Stuffing v. Potatoes. As you can see in the screenshot, potatoes were the clear winner, beating the… um… stuffing out of stuffing. Yeah.

Alas, aside from some relevant photos to the right of the graph (also from the New York Times), all you get is the graph. You don’t get month-by-month counts, you don’t get other words in context, and you don’t get a link to the NYT archives for either of the trend searches that you do. It’s just a graph.

But hey, if you like this graph you might also want to check out the Flickr Trends tool. In this case, stuffing takes the trends crown with a overwhelming lead over potatoes. (The Flickr search also checks keywords for 2008, but it has more photographs to the right of the search photo than NYT Trender.)

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