Get Minty Fresh Government Info From the Social Web

Want to know what the US Government is up to? Nowadays it’s easier than ever as social media — and a variety of social media Web sites — are being embraced. You can get an idea of just how social the federal government is when you check out GovFresh (, which aggregates lots of government feeds into one spot. The site concentrates on providing flow from “official” content, not every last resource about the government.

The front page of the site provides information about the White House, with a stream of information from sites like Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, and the White House blog. Photos and videos have thumbnails. I thought this was okay but I was much more taken with the left navigation, which provided social streams from a number of federal agencies.

You can get social streams from several departments and agencies, branches of the armed forces, political parties and even labs. (Some major federal contractors, like Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, are also available.) In addition to a flow of content from social media streams, pages also contain links to stories from Google News. You can sign up for e-mail alerts, though if there are unique feeds for each department/agency/entity listed, I can’t find them.

Thanks GovFresh! If I had a million dollars I’d hire you to make one of these for each state.

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