New York Times Launches Times Wire

Between the millions of RSS feeds and Times Open, I spend a lot of time at the New York Times Web site. Thanks to a new application from the New York Times, I might be spending even MORE time there.

The New York Times recently announced the launch of Times Wire, available at The NYT describes Times Wire as “the first Times product developed using The Times’s Newswire API” — I’m looking forward to more! The idea is simple; the site is just a live, reverse chronological feed of NYT Times articles and blog posts as they’re published. It updates every minute.

The default view of the site is of all the news. When I looked at it there was everything from news to sports to a recipe. News stories (with summaries and links) are on the left and photos are on the right. If you want more focused news, there’s a tab for just looking at business news. Or you can try the “Your News” tab that allows you pick any combination of almost two dozen sections and topics. You can also choose to just look at headlines without summaries if you’re cramped for space.

There is an RSS feed for Times Wire, but it appears to be just the “everything” feed.

You’re going to realize how much of a news nerd I am when I say this seems like what the Sidestage was designed for. It’d make a pretty neat homepage gadget, too.

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