Metasearch Mixes Traditional and Real-Time Search

Can you stand another metasearch engine? Sure you can. So check out Search3, which launched last month at (And I’m not even going to tell you it’s in beta because you probably know already.)

This metasearch engine has two sets of searches — Web and images. The Web search finds results on Google, Bing, and Twitter (?). Well, that’s the default, anyway. Each column of search results on the page (there are three columns; I can’t believe they did that and it still looks nice) has a pulldown menu that allows you to replace each column’s search results. Google, Bing, and Twitter are the ones initially visibile but you can have Yahoo or eBay as well.) I’m glad you have the option to change the search results columns; except for the most general searches I wouldn’t have much luck using Google and Twitter at the same time.

The image search finds results on Flickr, Google, and Bing. (In this case the only image search option not available is Yahoo.) thumbnails show screen shot or avatar previews, depending on what resource you’re looking at.

I don’t use metasearch engines that much but I liked this one for its speed (very, very fast results) and for the fact that it managed to get three columns’ worth of search results on one page without making me claw my eyes out. Clean and quick.

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