Tool for Finding Outdoor Activities — NatureFind

It’s nice outside and I’ve got the sunburn to prove it! If you want to get out and about but want to do something more than some gardening or floating around in the pool, NatureFind might be able to give you some ideas. It’s an online database of outdoor activities.

NatureFind, at lets you search by outdoor site or event but I found that a bit boring. What I liked was the ability to enter a city and state, choose a radius (from one to 500 miles) and then pick an activity type (walking, fishing, camping, etc.) and a site type (aquarium, zoo, park, etc.)

A search for all kinds of sites and events within a 25-mile radius of 90210 I found 23 sites and 139 events. The events are placed on a Google Map and in this case I had to zoom in a lot before I could tell one icon from another. Click on an icon and you’ll get a three-tabbed popup window that’ll give you information on the site, driving directions to the site, and an event schedule if there’s one available.

I wish there were a way to search by date range, but other than that this is a quick way to find out what’s going on outside.

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