Can You Name that (Bluegrass) Tune?

So Stephanie at WRAL was trying to get the song title that went with some lyrics, and I offered to help her out. I didn’t have any luck, but the puzzle intrigued me enough that I thought I’d blog about it. Maybe someone out there knows what this song is!

Here’s the backstory: the good folks at PineCone — the Piedmont Council of Traditional Music, available at — got a request to find the song title or artist for a particular song. The lyrics go something like this:

“I’m tired of all your cheatin’ and your lies;
I thought sometime that you might realize, that a heart can only break so many times;
so I’ll pack up and move on down the line…
“I guess you got tired of having me around, so you took my love and painted the town…”
“You wanted a fool, I played the part; a man can love you but he’ll never win your heart..”

When I do a lyrics search on the Internet my first rule is always that the person who remembered the lyrics probably didn’t remember them correctly, because singers are not generally known for their elocution. I sliced up these lyrics eight ways to Sunday, and while I did find a song that had some of these lyrics, it wasn’t the correct one (the George Hamilton song Thanks a Lot contains the line “You wanted a fool, I played the part”.)

After several minutes of searching I did find one post from someone who was looking for what appear to be these same lyrics, though their version was slightly different (“took my love and ran it around…”) They didn’t have any luck either, and the post was from several years ago.

I did searches of several bluegrass lyric archives, and even tried to guess a title and search for it at eMusic and Amazon, but I did not have any luck. Do you recognize these lyrics? E-mail me, or send a tweet to @ResearchBuzz.

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