Google Calendar Gets Its Own Labs

Google Search gets it, Google Mail gets it, so why not Google Calendar? Google announced last week that its Google Calendar application was going to get its own “labs” — a place for experimental features that users could implement if they wished, with the understanding that they might not work exactly perfectly.

Once you’re in Google Calendar, go to settings and you’ll see a “Labs” tab. Offers at the moment range from setting a background image to keeping track of world time to attaching Google documents to calendar events to jumping your calendar to dates in the distant future. Enjoy them but don’t rely on them; as Google notes products in the lab may “change, break, or disappear” at any time.

If you’re more programming-oriented you might be interested to know that Google is opening Google Calendar as a gadget container (make your own Google Calendar gadgets!) For more information on that, check out the developer’s guide.

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