I’m In Your Google, Looking for Crimes

The Mountain View (CA) Police Department and CrimeReports recently teamed up to show Mountain View crimes on CrimeReports maps. The maps appear to be Google Maps.

Speaking of Google, I put in the main address for Google to see if all was peaceful and… oh noes! A B&E last Wednesday on the 1600 block of Ampitheatre Parkway! (CrimeReports does not give exact addresses for crimes to protect victim privacy.) Whether this occurred at Google or not, I hope everything is all right. And I hope that “Disposition: ARR” means they managed to arrest whoever did it.

By the way, if you haven’t used CrimeReports, I recommend it — it’s free and available at Crime reports are available for communities all over the US (the site says it covers about 400 communities representing about 25% of the population) and if you register with the site you can get e-mail alerts.

There’s also an analytics page, which allows you to select a community and get several charts showing crimes over a given time period, which which crimes are most prevalent, and a trending map showing how crimes have increased (or haven’t) over time.

UPDATE: oooooh. “Mountain View police arrested one of Google’s kitchen employees last week on charges of stealing computers after the young man was allegedly caught in the act by a surveillance camera.”

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