United States National Archives, Now On Flickr

The United States National Archives now has an account on Flickr, and if these aren’t some of the unstuffiest most interesting archive photographs I’ve ever seen, I must be missing some great archives. The Archives’ Flickr page is

Oh, these pictures. Oh, these pictures. Start with the favorites so you can see Nixon and Elvis in its original size (under a CC license too! … with a little judicious GIMPing, this is going over my desk.) Also: George Bush at Yale!

While you’re looking at favorites don’t miss the DOCUMERICA favorites set, which includes a great 1972 picture of a hitchhiker and his dog as well as a 1973 little league game and our own big blue marble.

Speaking of unstuffy, I did not expect from an archives photo collection kids out in the woods smoking pot, skinned possums (gah!), and furs being prepared for market (double gah!) More expected but also interesting was a series of photos about the reaction to the expansion of Logan airport, and some photos about women working industrial/war effort jobs during WWII.

What a terrific collection. I can’t wait to see what else they decide to add.

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