Google Images Gets Its Own Search Options

Speaking of images… the Official Google Blog announced last week that Google Images was going to get is own search options sidebar, which you can see if you look at a Google Images results page and choose “Show Options” at the top.

What exactly can you choose from? Google Images has actually added several search options recently, including the ability to search by specific color and the ability to search for different kinds of images. The search options sidebar brings these options together and also includes the options to search by specific image size (by pixel height and width) as well as by file size (more than 2MP, more than 4MP, etc — all the way up to more than 70MP. Yow!)

Unfortunately this sidebar, while useful, does not completely substitute for Google’s advanced image search. The search options won’t let you narrow down your search by domain name or by file type. And I’m very surprised to see that the search options sidebar doesn’t allow you to narrow your search by Google’s new Creative Commons filter! Aw, c’mon Google!

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