Delicious: Now With Less Punctuation, More Search Offerings

When did become Delicious? Well, whatever, I’m not complaining. The name will be much easier to type. Delicious, which is still a bookmarking site despite its slight name change, has come up with some new search offerings and browsing options.

Delicious allows you to do a search from any page, so go ahead and run a search. And if you use NoScript, make sure that it’s allowing, or your search results aren’t going to have any of the nifty extras.

By default the search results include entries from your own bookmarks as well as entries from everybody’s bookmarks. You also have the option to view the results from your network’s bookmarks. The narrowing down is done mostly through some additional information at the top of the search results page.


As you can see, running a search gives you related searches (click on them and the results will refresh), suggested tags (click on one, click search, and the results will refresh narrowed down by selected tag. You can also click on these tags to remove a certain tag from your search) and a timeline that allows you to get bookmarks posted anywhere from the last day to the last six months (and of course you can choose to get all bookmarks ever posted.)

I thought you could get RSS feeds for search results, but when I tried to get the feed for my page of search results, I got something else completely — a list of popular bookmarks. So can you not get RSS feeds any more?

If you don’t want to search, you CAN browse — Delicious’ front page has a tab for listing fresh bookmarks, another one for popular bookmarks (and there is an RSS feed for this list) and a third tab for exploring tags. (Tags also have RSS feeds available.)

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