Google Custom Search Engine Just for Hospital Web Sites

WOW. This must have taken some serious work. Ed Bennet has recently announced a Google Custom Search Engine (Google CSE) that saerches over 2800 US Hospital Web sites. The search engine’s available at

I did a search for biopsy and while the CSE did not give me a result count, I was able to page through the search results. I stopped after confirming there were at least 450 search results.

The results themselves were what you’d expect of a CSE that’s been handmade — very clean, no junk. There were results for things like “strawberry shortcake”, but those were for recipes. As a matter of fact, that’s an interesting use for this search engine. Search for a health condition and then the word recipes. For example, diabetes recipes or heart disease recipes

Kudos to Ed Bennet. Those searching for medical information — even peripheral information like healthy living ideas — will find this CSE very useful.

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