Detailed 1911 Irish Census Now Online

The Irish Times has reported that a detailed 1911 census is now available. Access for it is free at

The front page has general information on the census and on life in Ireland in 1911, but the search form is one link down. You can search the census by a variety of factors, including first and last name, street, and approximate age in 1911 (plus or minus five years.)

I did a search for John Field (I’m kind of on a John Field kick at the moment) and got 38 results. Results are presented in a table that includes name, county, age, and sex. Click on the surname or first name and you’ll get a list of all the people in that household along with their ages and gender. Beneath that you’ll get a list of the other forms associated with this household (for instance, household return, outbuilding return, etc.)

The unusual thing about this census, though, is there’s no built-in viewer for these additional documents. They’re PDF, so you’ll have to use your browser’s PDF viewer or download the files. I downloaded a household file just to see what was in it. If you’ve ever done genealogy research before it’ll look very familiar as a census file. Information include the names of folks in the household, their relationship to the head of the household, and so on. Other information, less usual to a census form in my experience, includes the religion of the people in the household, whether they can read or write, and their licensed professions.

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