iDig Launches Directory of Streaming Audio Broadcasts

iDig Network announced this week the launch of iDigRadio, which launches more than 990 radio stations from over 40 different countries. it’s available at

The front page has “iDig radio picks” and other stations, but the list of categories for browsing are over on the left. You’ve got a list of genres — everything from Rock-Pop to Vocal-Easy Listening — and then a list of different sounds and talk radio, including links to children’s radio, news, and sports.

The station listings themselves have a station name, image, a brief description, and a location. The listings on the front page were all over the place, including listings from South Carolina, France, Egypt, Turkey, and Australia.

Bear in mind that these are only links to sites — I did not see a case where iDig actually hosted the streaming media. That means that there are different requirements for each stream. Most of the time I could play music immediately, though a couple of times I had to specify an external player.

Extensive variety of music and talk here. Worth a look.

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