New Version of the SEPB, Other Offerings

Way back in the day I used to regularly cover the Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography. It had a huge amount of information and there weren’t many aggregations on scholarly electronic publishing. Now, of course, there are lots of resources available… but the SEPB keeps going and going and there are even more resources available from the same publisher, Charles Bailey.

The Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography, version 76, is now available from Digital Scholarship. This version covers over 3,480 articles, books, and whatnot related to scholarly electronic publishing efforts online. It’s at

The same site also has the Google Book Search Bibliography, version 5 of which is available at If you’re interested in the evolution of Google’s book search and scanning projects, as well as the evolution of the controversy regarding same, start here; Charles goes way back.

And while you’re here, check out the Electronic Theses and Dissertations Bibliography, which was last updated in July and is available at There’s definitely plenty to see and read on this Web site. Great to see Mr. Bailey keeping up with his usual good work. Cheers Charles.

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