What’s Trending Where on Twitter?

There are plenty of places that will tell you the hot keywords on Twitter right this minute. Last week I learned about a place that will let you specify a location and then tell you the hot Twitter keywords coming just from that location. Trendsmap is available at

Your first view of the site is a map of the US with a sort-of tag cloud hovering above it. There are so many tags you won’t be able to make any out. The site has a button that will let you immediately go to your area, or you can zoom in on your own. Here’s what Oklahoma City looks like covered with Twitter tags.


Click on a Twitter tag and you’ll get a list of the tweets related to that tag in this area. In the screenshot you’ll see a bunch of tweets related to Chuck Norris. (Just because a keyword is hot in a particular area doesn’t mean it has anything to do with that area.) There are also very small graphs that show local and global seven-day history.

At the moment the site is only processing English tweets (more languages are planned.) I don’t know if it’s because of when I was looking at it (rather early in the morning) but there were sometimes large areas that had no Tweets at all. (A lot of the midwest,
for example. The most crowded tweet area in the US was California; not a surprise.)

The tool seems pretty straightforward but if you have any questions about how it works Trendsmap has a tutorial screencast and of course you can follow it on Twitter.

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