Getcher Google Doodle On

The recent Google Halloween doodle made me start thinking about Google Doodles in general. And then I remembered I have a doodle site in my queue. Doodle Source, at, tracks all things Google Doodle.

The front page of the site has the most recent Google Doodles spotted from all over the world. There’s the Halloween Doodle, of course, spotted in several different places, but looking a little further I found doodles for the character Asterix, for Thanksgiving, for the bar code, and for several I can’t determine because they’re in languages I can’t read.

Click on each doodle and you’ll get a YouTube video for it (even for the barcode one), the latest news stories containing the keyword related to the doodle, and the latest blog posts.) Oh, and what appear to be tweets though they’re also marked as blog posts. The ones I looked at for the Google barcode doodle had nothing to do with the doodle per se… they were so random as to be almost surreal — but I’m sure the less generic keywords work better.

At the moment the doodle archive only goes back to August 30, but the site owner tells me he plans to add all older doodles since 1999. Even going back only to August 30 the site has a lot of doodles, and it’s a treat to see the ones that were put up in other countries. Actually it’s a treat to see any of them. In the course of my searching I don’t see very many of the Google Doodles anymore… the search box in Firefox makes the front page of Google mostly unnecessary, and I visit only when I’m demonstrating something or I want to check for changes.

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