Robert Louis Stevenson Web Site Launched

Treasure Island and a lot more! A new site dedicated to Robert Louis Stevenson has been launched at The site was put together by a variety of people and institutions, including Edinburgh Napier University, Professor Richard Dury, the City of Literature, and the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland.

The site is divided into several sections, including works (yes, including Treasure Island, and every one I looked at had the entire work available for reading), biography (extensive!), photography gallery (from age four to his death, funeral, and tomb), student resources, a journal devoted to RLS studies, and even a community for those interested in RLS.

Don’t miss the “More” section on the navigation bar, which will point you to more information on RLS, including museums, libraries, a link list, an extensive list of critical works, and a list of derivative works (man, look at all the comic books and graphic novels!)

This is one of the most dense single-author sites I’ve ever seen; check out the sitemap and you’ll see what I mean. Lots of great information and resources here. And to top it all off: an RSS feed! Great stuff.

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