Kennedy Investigation Photos Now Available in Archive

The University of North Texas has posted more than 400 photos of the John F. Kennedy assassination investigation online to an archive at The idea is not so much to get crowd help in the investigation, but just to make the photos available to the public.

While some of the photos would be considered sensitive and might be found disturbing — there’s an autopsy photo among other things — most of them are mundane, consisting of images of houses, book depositories, etc. There are some interesting highlights, like a photo of a book seized from Lee Harvey Oswald’s home (1984), fingerprint cards, what appear to be pro-Cuba advertisements, and a variety of personal photographs.

Each image has a larger image with details including location, creator, and a brief description. There’s a “full record” option that has more metadata as well. In all the images I looked at, multiple image sizes were available; many of the images had huge versions (over 1000 x 1000 pixels) available for perusal. Results also include a full citation and a mechanism for sharing images with a huge number of bookmarking services
and social networks.

Warning once again: some of these images are hard to look at. But there’s plenty of material that’s of historical interest here.

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