Google Wants to Help You Find a Shot (Seasonal Flu or H1N1)

Google, continuing its wonderful obsession with maps, has a site where you can find venues offering either seasonal flu shots or H1N1 shots. (Or in some cases both. You can find it at

If you’ve ever used a Google Map you’ll be able to use this one. Enter in a zip code and Google will refresh and zoom with a new map view and a list of places offering flu shots. Icons show you whether the shots offered are for seasonal flu, for H1N1, or both.

Doing a search for Athens Georgia found only six places total at this writing offering flu shots. The first one, a KMart pharmacy, is offering both seasonal and H1N1 shots. The rest of them are offering H1N1 shots only — and all of them are marked “Temporarily Out of Stock.” (In case they did have stocks of flu shots, the application includes contact information with address and phone number. The KMart listing also had pharmacy hours.)

Of course if you do a lookup on Google Maps and five out of six available locations are out of the shot, you might not feel like this app is going to do you much good. Google Maps also offers with this application pointers to state boards of health which might have listings themselves. (Georgia has an H1N1 provider locator here.)

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