Can You Get that Movie Online? Ask Movie Monitor

Ahhhhh. I think 2010 is going to be a great year for cheap online entertainment. A new entry in the races to keep up with all the media available online is Movie Monitor, at This site tracks tens of thousands of movies that are available to watch online, either for free or for pay.

The front page dives right in with thumbnails of posters for recently-added movies, acclaimed movies, and the most recently-added movies. Hold your mouse over the to find how much it costs to buy or rent these movies. You can also browse lists of new movies, free movies, etc.

Movies are provided in lists of 20, with details about the actors and director and sometimes a plot summary. To the right of the summary information is a list of providers, with how much it costs to buy/rent the movie at each location. I was impressed at the number of providers the site covers, including NetFlix, Hulu, Vudu, Fancast, Blockbuster, and Amazon.

Of course, there are a lot of movies to go through (the “Free” browsable list boasts 475 titles) so there are many ways you can narrow that down a bit. You can specify different genres (comedy, action, kids) and which providers you want to include on the list. You can also choose to sort the list by how old the movie is, by title, or when it was added to the list.

Looking for comedies only from all providers, and choosing to list by the oldest movies first, I found 73 listings. They started with a 1941 Barbara Stanwyck / Gary Cooper movie (Ball of Fire) and continued with movies from a variety of folks including Richard Pryor, Johnny Depp, Robin Williams, and Peter Sellers.

You’re going to see more and more of these kind of sites, helping you sift through and figure out what kinds of media are available online. I like the way this one is organized, with quick ways to narrow down search results. Looks useful. It’ll be even MORE useful when the RSS feed feature is developed…

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