A Twitter Directory Just for College Students/Alumni

I guess there would be as many ways to slice and dice the demographics of Twitter users as there are users, but I’m still kind of surprised to see a Twitter directory devoted solely to college students. I’m even more surprised to see how populated it is! CampusTweet is available at

The front page shows the schools with the most people in the directory (at this writing that includes Liberty University, RIT, and Penn State.) There’s also a list of the most followed people in the directory. (The most-followed person at this writing is a gentleman named Brandon Mendelson, who has over 900,000 followers.)

If nothing on the front page grabs you, you can browse school listings by state or browse people (alphabetical by first name or screen name). I took a look at the listings in Indiana. The site appears to list all the colleges/universities in Indiana whether they have students listed in the directory or not. In the case of Indiana, Butler University and Indiana University seem to have the most students.

Click on the college name and you’ll get a page with a lot of data on it — a recent tweets list, a list of tweeters at the school with the most followers, a list of most-retweeted and recently-added links, and photographs. (The one I looked at seemed to have a surfeit of babies, beer, and basketball games.)

I would guess that this directory’s still pretty new, as there aren’t as many students as I would expect. I like the amount of data it’s managing to get on its individual college pages, though. If you’re getting ready to graduate and want to shop some schools, CampusTweet is a very 2.0 way to add some data to your research.

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