Database of Monologues and Scenes from Films

If you’re an actor or a speaker, and you need some performance inspiration, check out this site which has over 540 monologues and scenes from films, plays, televisions, and books. Out of respect for copyright the full material is not available for all monologues/scenes, but more than enough information is available for you to find the scene elsewhere.

The front page of links to comic, dramatic, and serio-comic monologues and scenes. Choose one and you’ll get a table of information that gives the name of the work the piece comes from, the author, and the description. Chose the item and you’ll get notes about the characters, the place, and the time. There’s also a summary of the work in general to give context to the monologue/scene. Then, depending on whether the copyright is available, you’ll either get a short excerpt of the work or you’ll get the entire piece. I saw a variety of work here, everything from Shakespeare to Woody Allen to Noel Coward to Mike Myers.

If you don’t want to browse you can also do a search which allows you to specify gender, type of work, and period. You can also do a keyword search. I did a search for New York and got seven results.

As long as you’re here, you can check out a brief database of casting calls and browse and acting database. The casting call database looks very thin; it might need some time to fill out.

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