Google Turns Google Docs Into a Storage Device

Google has announced that Google Docs is set to become more than just a place to make presentations, spreadsheets, and documents. Over the next few weeks Google will be rolling out the ability to upload all file types to Google Docs. Individual files will have a limit of 250MB, but you’ll have a total of 1GB of space to store your files. If you need more space than that it’ll cost you .25 per GB per year.

(Remember when GMail first launched and it had 1GB of storage and everyone thought it was AAAAMAAAAZZING? Now it seems a little skimpy, doesn’t it?)

Anyway, this feature is not available to everybody right this second; keep an eye out for a bubble notification when you sign on to Google Docs. While you’re hanging around Google Documents waiting you might want to check on some features you might have missed, like the ability to share folders, or detecting and translating languages within spreadsheet cells. You can also check out the rules for uploading files.

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