More Subject Headings for NYT Data

The New York Times’ Open Blog announced this morning the addition of about 5,000 new subject headings to the Linked Open Data repository at I covered the initial release of 5,000 subject headings last November. These new subjects include geographic identifiers, organizations, and publicly-traded companies.

These subject headings, like the first crop, have been mapped to DBpedia, and Freebase. In the case where subject headings are geographic, they’ve also been mapped to GeoNames, which you can learn more about at Aaaaannnd you developer types will be interested to know that the resources are being published in JSON along with RDF/XML and HTML.

To get a sense of what the New York Times has available, you can download data records for people, organizations, and locations at You will have to agree to a Creative Commons license and you will have to wait a while — you’ll be getting an XML file but it’s still a pretty big download!

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