Serious Information Trapping on Twitter with RowFeeder

Do you need to do some serious information trapping on Twitter? Got some keywords you want to monitor and you don’t want to miss a thing? Check out this nifty application I heard about from Ed — RowFeeder. (Thanks Ed!) RowFeeder’s not cheap, but if you want to quickly gather materials from a Twitter flow and get them in a format that you can easily manipulate, it looks like a heck of a tool.

RowFeeder’s at Here’s how it works: you specify a term or hashtag you want to track. Then you pay — well, you’re supposed to pay but the pay button didn’t work when I tried it; instead I got an e-mail address to contact for making payments. This is where the ain’t cheap part comes in — it’s $2.49 to monitor a term/tag for up to 48 hours. (This would very quickly make me very broke.)

RowFeeder monitors the tweetstream and fetches tweets that match your tags, using them to populate a Google Spreadsheet like the one you see in the screenshot. Information is broken out into columns including username, Tweet, homepage, location, and date.

This is too expensive for me to use on a regular basis but I can easily see how a PR firm or company who wants to track comments about a release could get a lot of use out of RowFeeder. I’d have a little concern about monitoring the entire tweetstream — there’s a lot of spam out there. It’d be nice to monitor just specified lists.

Cool Tool!

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