Find Quotes in Movies with SubZin

This has apparently been around for a while, but I just recently learned about it. SubZin, at, lets you search for quotes in movies and TV series. Keen!

You can do a simple phrase search or you can use the advanced search that lets you specify title, genre, etc. I stuck with the regular search and looked for “size of a buick”.

I got four results — three movies and one TV episode –, starting with 1977’s Annie Hall (“There’s a spider in your bathroom the size of a Buick”), and continuing with movies from 2002 and 2006 and a TV show from 2006. Each search result has a thumbnail of the movie cover when available (with a link to the movie/episodes on the Internet Movie DataBase) as well as the exact time of the quote and the full quote. Icons allow you to e-mail the quote to a friend, show it on social networks, or see the quote in context with other dialogue.

I’m sure you could use this site for reference but I had some fun chasing down cultural references. Did you ever see Jaws? “We’re gonna need a bigger boat.” I found that same phrase in eight other movies, starting in 1994 with Clerks. According to Subzin’s blog, there are over fifteen million phrases here from over 15,000 movies, so if you get started with one phrase you’ll find plenty to explore.

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