Jim Stroud Launches The Searchologist Magazine

If you’re interested in finding employees online, you might want to check out a new magazine that Jim Stroud has launched; it’s called The Searchologist. The first issue is available from and articles include how to source candidates that do not exist, how to generate leads from instant messenger and Flickr (!) and how to find resumes that other recruiters overlook.

The magazine t’ain’t cheap, McGee; it’s $24.95. But there is a 12-page preview that covers a couple of the articles I mentioned (in really small print! You will have to squint!) There are ways to find out more about Jim, though. He has a web site at which includes pointers to his blog, The Searchologist, and a bunch of recruiters material at The Recruiters Lounge (currently on hiatus but there’s still plenty to see here.)

If you’ve ever tried to use the Internet for hiring or finding people, you might have found yourself stumped after thinking about posting an ad on Craigslist or using a job listing site. Jim has helped me think beyond that and realize just how powerful the Internet is for finding hires. I’m glad to see he’s putting together a magazine.

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