Rummage Through 450,000+ Comic Book Covers

More goodness from Philipp over at Blogoscoped! I covered his Vintage Ads site a while ago but now I’ve found out about CoverBrowser at, which has both a huge collection of comic book covers (over 450,000+), more resources, and fun tools for playing with them.

If you looked at the Vintage Ad Browser this is going to look similar. The front page has a list of comic book titles through which you can browse, from “Archie Annual Digest” to “Zap Comix.” Some of the titles expand to show title sets (Archie, Flash, Hulk, Valian, etc.) Clicking on a title takes you to a page (sometimes several pages) full of covers. Mostly all the information available is just title and issue number, though sometimes there’s a link to buy the item on eBay.

You can also do a keyword search. I did a search for final and got over 400 results. While there were lots of comic book covers here, I also found video game covers, CD covers, and a couple of weird DVD covers.

If you just want to get a sense of what’s available here, you can check out the covers by picking them at random. There’s also a labs feature, at There are several features here. You can browse comics by color. You can play the tagging game, where you see if the tags you suggest for a cover match tags other people have suggested (a fun game and a good way of tagging all the available covers.) You can also fill the speech/thought bubble on a comic cover with your own words and then download the image using the speech bubbler.
(If you don’t like the cover you see, reload the page and you’ll get a new one.)

Philipp must have a lot of energy to keep putting together these great resources. A heck of a browse!

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