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Last week I covered a search engine that helps you find quotes in movies. This week it’s a search engine that allows you to do searching of over 12,000 movie clips. Movie Clips is available at It’s in Beta.

I knew exactly what I wanted to use Movie Clips for. I have often heard references to “Git In Mah BELLY!” but aside from knowing it was from a Mike Myers movie, had no idea what it was about. So I did a search for belly.

I got twelve results, with the first result being from Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, which I suppose is what I’m looking for. Other movies in the results included Juno, The Unforgiven, Kalifornia, and Joe Dirt. Click on a result and you’ll get a nice full page result.

The clip starts playing as soon as the page loads (it does load a little slowly for me, but it is loading multimedia); I’m afraid that knowing where the quote came from doesn’t ease my confusion after seeing the clip — what the heck is this movie? In addition to the player, you also get a little more information about the movie, space for comments, links to buy, and several ways to share the clip in social media.

I tried some other searches and found that it looks like the results are better for more recent movies — I didn’t have much luck searching for Cary Grant or Groucho Marx (and the only Judy Garland movie available was The Wizard of Oz.) The site does promise to add more clips over time, which is good because I want to share the fried egg clip from Talk of the Town. It needs more movies, but the easy searching and the social media sharing make it one to watch.

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