Monitoring Site for API Services

WatchMouse last week launched a new site called API Status, available at This Web site is very simple; it just monitors the status of APIs.

The site monitors the performance of 26 APIs including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, and PayPal. When you visit the site you’ll get a listing of the APIs with their current status, as well as a table showing the history of the API performance of the last seven days. Three icons denote whether the API is running okay, having issues, or down completely.

If you want to dig a little deeper, you can click on an API name. There you’ll get a bunch of details about the API’s performance, including a graph of its availablity over the last seven days and how it’s performing globally.

This site may not be much use to you in your daily research, but if you’ve ever been in a situation when you’re trying to import XML
into a Google spreadsheet and you can’t get it to work properly and you’re about to START THROWING THINGS — ahem, not that this has ever happened to me of course — it’s good to have a place you can quickly check an API status and better yet see how it’s been doing for the last 24 hours (because maybe you should be working on something else!)

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