Quick, Free Calendar Printouts for Your 2010

Yeah, I know I should have covered this at the beginning of the month. I plead “I didn’t know about it before.” Besides, it’s not even February yet. You’ve got a whole 11/12ths of the year left for this to be useful, not to mention next year. Okay? Okay. Check out Calendar Labs at .

This site contains a wide variety of free, useful calendars in several formats. You can custom make your own calendar with an online generator. There are several paper templates for calendars in weekly, monthly, and yearly formats. There are lists of holidays for several different countries and calendars for different religious holidays.

If you’re looking for really different content, check out the calendar for movie releases (only updated to January at this writing, alas) or the calendar that gives general horoscope information (lucky day? Money day? Health risk?)

If you want to put a calendar on your site, the site also offers a customizable calendar widget that inserts a calendar into your Web site via an iframe. The site does note that if you want to have a calendar where you can list and keep events, you’d be better off using another resource like Google Calendar.

I’m going to find these calendar templates for printouts very useful. They’re in .doc format but the ones I tried opened just fine in OpenOffice. Handy site.

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