Get the Album Art, then Get the Music

It’s Music Thursday here at ResearchBuzz!

Do you like browsing album covers? Would you like to do it one giant page at a time? Visit Album Art Search at At this site, the search for album art comes first and the music comes second — if you ever stop enjoying the album art long enough to get around to the music.

The site starts out with a bunch of popular covers. You can browse by genre if you like but it’s much more fun to do a plain keyword search. Do a search and you’ll get a page full of album art that relates to your keyword. I started out with cows:

Now of course you can search Amazon’s music selection for cows and get a quite servicable result, but I’m wondering if there’s some different way these album results are being sorted. It seems to me that I’m getting more indy-offbeat-type stuff. (Cows with Guns? Two Cow Garage?) The albums are hard to appreciate in the result montage but click on one of them and you’ll get a much larger version of the album cover, a link to the Amazon page for the album, and an invitation to “log in” if you wanted to save an album to your favorites. Apparently this site was built using the Google Apps engine, so it also uses the Google login. I didn’t try it.

With search results that provide images only, this site isn’t good for serious research. But oh is it fun to browse around.

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