Startpage/Ixquick Offers Anonymous Browsing Web Proxy, which you might know better under the name Ixquick (it changed its name last summer), last week launched a proxy service that allows you to browse pages in search results in privacy.

As you might remember, Startpage does not record IP address or search term details of its users. (You can get more details about its privacy policies at

The proxy service extends the idea of private browsing a little bit further, allowing you to view the contents of a page without directly connecting to the page itself. Run a search and you’ll see a link reading “Proxy” next to the URL for each search results. Click on it and you’ll get a page that looks like this:

(Yes, yes, that’s the EFF Web site, I was trying to be funny.)

Startpage connects you to the page in your search result via a proxy, which means the site you’re visiting does not see your ip and can’t put send you cookies. The page looks like it’s framed; the blue box at the top lets you go back to the search results or “Unproxy” and link directly to the site.

Browsing via proxy is good for protecting your privacy (and Startpage’s privacy policy extends to its proxy service as well; it does not record details about proxy usage, record IP addresses, etc.) but there are a few disadvantages. First, using the proxy means the page will load more slowly than if you linked to it directly. (Which makes sense if you think about it, since you’re going through an intermediary.) JavaScript will be disabled for the page (which might render some pages unusable) and you will not be able to fill out forms with text input.

You can get more details on the proxy service at This is a useful, quick service when you want to protect your privacy or make absolutely sure that you’re not getting cookies all over your browser.

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