Specialty Calendar Data — Get Sunrises and Sunsets

After my writeup about Calendar Labs last week, I got a note from reader MF about Sunrise Sunset Calendars, available at This site has apparently been around for years and years, but either I hadn’t heard about it before or I’d heard about it and forgotten. The site allows you to create your own custom sunrise/sunset calendar. The front page also has sunrise and sunset times for selected sites all over the world.

The direct link for creating your own calendar is Choose a city, a month for which you want a calendar, and a few options (kinds of twilight to display, whether you want moon phases, time type, etc.) Once you enter all that you get a no-frills calendar that prints on one page in landscape format.

This is going to be handy to figure out when I can go exercise when it’s actually light outside! A useful application, though if you’re looking for sunrise/sunset information for individual days, I would recommend Wolfram|Alpha (do a search for February 3 1931 sunrise in 90210 at and you’ll get both sunrise information and a time calculation.)

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