Directory of Cloud Computing Companies

I thought the Internet was the Internet, but you can also consider the Internet as “the Cloud”. And there’s a lot going on in “the Cloud,” from applications to hosting to content delivery systems. Several companies provide products and services to the Cloud, and Cloudbook has a directory of over 1200 of them.

(If, like me, you are somewhat confused about what Cloud computing is, Wikipedia can give you an overview. There’s also a video at that helped me understand it better.)

So anyway, the Cloudbook Products and Services Directory is available at The products and services listed there are divided into several broad categories, including applications, platforms, and network services. I decided to take a look at the applications and got a list of subcategories that included sales, marketing, data, collaboration, and human resources.

The “Collaboration” subcategory seemed interesting so I looked at that. I got a list of companies and basic description of the services. Some of them I had heard of (Zoho, Basecamp, SmugMug) and some I had not (Brainshark, GoView, etouches). Applications are listed in company name’s alphabetical order, not application name alphabetical order, which can be a bit confusing at first.

I still don’t quite understand what makes Cloud computing different from, say, applications that happen to be hosted on the Internet, but maybe I’ll get a better idea by exploring this directory. I was interested to see that this site was supposed to have more listings for government and research clouds as well as cloud groups, but alas, every one of the links I tried led me to a 404 error….

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