Directory of Irish Bars and Taverns

Despite the fact that I’m not fond of Guinness, I suspect I will be be coming back to the Irish Beer Finder, available at Why? Because in addition to finding Irish bars, the site also lists information about Irish music. The site lists 2,400 Irish bars and taverns in all 50 states.

From the front page you can look at featured bars and get some of the latest news, but you can also do a search for Irish bars by city/state or zip code — and with a radius ranging from one to 300 miles. I did a search for Irish bars within 10 miles of Phoenix, Arizona. I got 13 results, from Seamus McCaffrey’s Irish Pub to Mulligan’s Brick Bar. The search results include an address but if you go to the location’s page, you’ll also get a phone number, a nice Google Map, and a form for reviewing the location. Most of the listings I looked at had a Web site address. Some also had an e-mail address and a few even had a link to the location’s bar menu.

Want some music? Check out the Irish Beer Finder News page, which lists not only musical events but also the occasional road race. And often with the Web links to individual bars and taverns you’ll easily get music listings.

I was surprised at how many listings had Web addresses and e-mail addresses; someone put a lot of work into getting these listings together. If you enjoy a nice Harp Lager or some good music, you’ll find a spot for your next outing at this site.

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