Searching Google Buzz and More

Rafe Needleman had an article on CNET about a new search engine, Buzzzy (note the three z’s), which searches Google Buzz. But it searches other sources, too, and divides them out in interesting ways.

Buzzzy lives at with a simple keyword search on its front page. I did a search for Toyota.

You might notice from the first results that Buzzzy is denoting different content sources. Take a look at the left nav; you’ll see links to get results from places familiar like Friendfeed, Twitter, and Google Reader, and places less familiar (at least to me) like AutoSavant.

There are also some timeline options, as well as the ability to limit your results to certain types of media or to links only. For example, I can do a search for Toyota, specify Twitter as a search, and then limit my results further to just links. And even better than that, you can get the results as an RSS feed.

I’m still not deeply into Google Buzz but I like how Buzzzy lets you divide up and filter the results. Worth a look.

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