Harvard Releases Firearms Research Database

The Harvard School of Public Health has released a new site called The Firearms Research Digest. The site has six years’ (2003-2008) worth of summarized research from social science, medical, criminology, and public health journals. It’s available at http://www.firearmsresearch.org/. The site will eventually be expanded to include research from 1988 to the present.

You can do a simple keyword search for you can search by topics (a few dozen), year of research, or publication (there’s a huge list of publications available.) I did a search for storage and got 47 results, which were divided into sublistings including topics, keyword, and title.

The results include a list of related topics but the article list itself includes a title and expands into a variety of bibliographic information for the article and a short summary of the article itself. Articles get their own summary pages which contain links for printing or e-mailing.

A full list of available research topics is at http://www.firearmsresearch.org/content.cfm/topics and there’s a short list of links at http://www.firearmsresearch.org/content.cfm/links. If you’d like to review some spotlighted research, you can do so at http://www.firearmsresearch.org/content.cfm/spotlight.