Over 150,000 White House Visitor Records Posted Online

Late last month, the White House announced that it had reached a milestone of over 150,000 visitor records released. This milestone followed what you might call the initial milestone, the September announcement that these visitor records would be released in the first place.

You can see the records at The records are presented in a rather cramped table, but you can scroll across the various columns (names, date of visit, visitee’s last name, etc.) You can sort by any of the columns as well as do a search by any of the columns or across all the columns.

If you’re more interested in really playing with the data, you can download the whole shmeal as a CSV file (it’s a little over 41MB) or look at the data via Socrata. If you don’t want to go so far as to download all the data yourself, it’s certainly easier to browse on Socrata, though I’m surprise there’s been so little activity on this data set since November.

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