Database of Solar Installations

Thanks to Laboratory Equipment for the heads up. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has a new “community driven” Web site showing photovoltaic installations across the US. Open PV has over 67,000 installations catalogued. (Well, newish — it started accepting data in November.) You can access it at

There’s a “Market Mapper” that lets you look at a map of the US and see a variety of statistics about installations, average cost per watt, etc. But if you just want to see what’s going on in your neighborhood, you can do a zip code search and see what’s been installed in your area. The vast majority of installations in this database — over 51000 — are in California, so you might have to do a bit of searching if you don’t use a California zip code.

I did a search of 90210 and found 30 installations. Results are presented in a table that shows things like date of installation, cost per watt, and system cost, but if you click the little green button next to the result you’ll get a few more details like a map of the location, incentive amount, and county. If you want to do more extensive searches, go to the search page and you can search by kW size and/or date completed, in addition to location.

If you want to add some information of your own, visit the share page. You can get more information on the project at the news page (the project is also on Facebook and Twitter) and the FAQ.

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