Who Sang that Song? Who Covered It?

I saved this resource without noting who sent it to me — was it reader TS? JS? Anyway, it’s a fun one. Second Hand Songs is a database of songs originally recorded by one artist but then covered by another (and possibly several others.) According to the front page of the site at, there are currently 30542 works, 117622 performances, 2332 samples and 36664 artists on the site.

There’s a basic search for songs and artists, but a more advanced search for artists, mediums, labels, and even visual performances. If you’d rather browse you can look at recently-added items or newly-released items. I did a basic search for Fabulous Thunderbirds.

The results page I got was divided into several sections, including original performances, covers, an album list, and what I presume was a list of other soundtracks/albums that the artist’s work had appeared.

You can also look at individual songs. One of the songs the FT covered was Wrap it Up. I clicked on the song title and got information about who wrote the song and the original recording artist (Sam & Dave) as well as a list of who’s covered it since (FT, Buddy Miles, and Eurythmics.)

For a site that’s all about songs I’m a little surprised that there aren’t song clips or performance clips, but this seems to be mostly reference. I did find it useful, though; I looked up artists I liked and then saw who had covered their songs, if any. It wasn’t surprising to see that Tom’s Diner by Suzanne Vega had been covered twice, but Luka?… FIVE times?…

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