The Morning Buzz — April 6, 2010

Over at the NY Times Open Blog, there’s a great, detailed blog post about how to build your very own NYT linked data application. And if you’re not into programming, just check out the sample application, Who Went Where (letting you explore recent NYT coverage of the alumni of a specific college or university.)

Facebook responded to the responses about proposed changes to its policies seven hours ago, and there are already 727 comments. Doesn’t anybody on the Internet ever sleep?

Yahoo Answers has a blog post welcoming Purina to the Yahoo Answers family. That’s right, Purina experts are here to respond to your dog and cat questions. My first Q: “How do I get that @%@%*! Meow Mix song out of my head?”

Hey! The good folks at the University of California-Berkeley Library have an announcement about a new Mark Twain site, “Mark Twain at Play.” This site features a bunch of fun sections, including “Literary Mischief,” “Cats & Billiards,” and “Inventions, Games, & Contraptions”.

The new health care law has been passed, let the deluge of overview and summary Web sites begin. The Washington Post has a great roundup article with links to several Web sites at

Heck, everything else is going real-time, why not drawing applications? Get together with your friends for a scribble at Colorillo. Draw on the screen and the results are updated in real time. When I went and glanced at it there was a narwhal and a lot of random lines. Good morning Internet…

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