The Morning Buzz — April 7, 2010 has extended free Census access through the end of April! Randy Seaver also has a link to getting a discounted subscription if you’ve been thinking about one.

The Library of Congress and the Law Library Microform Consortium are teaming up to scan about 2000 Native American titles. Once scanned, these titles will be available on the LLMC-Digital site and the Internet Archive. Thanks to the Rinn Law Library Blog for the heads-up.

Need to create a map with Google Maps but want to customize it a bit? Check out Scribblemaps.

ReadWriteWeb has an interesting article on a cloud-based virtual assistant site called Fancy Hands; reading about it, I’m reminded somewhat of the odd and strangely addictive “List of tasks people will perform for $5” site Fiverr. Jobs become projects, projects become tasks, the tasks get smaller and smaller…

The Google Books controversy quiets down for about ten minutes, but spins up again as Google gets sued by the American Society of Media Photographers and “other groups.”.

FourSquare apparently has a North Pole Badge, but that’s only a little weird. What’s really weird is that two people are competing to win that coveted badge. You know what we need? HomeSquare. You’d earn badges for doing the dishes, raking the leaves, saving your money by not going out…

Web sites that make word clouds are nothing new but I like Word It Out. It accepts a variety of input for generating clouds, including RSS feeds, tables, and of course regular text files. The illustration at the top of this post was generated via the RSS from a Google News search for bacon. Good morning, Internet….

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