The Morning Buzz — April 9, 2010

Yow! Have you seen this list of periodic tables?

Thank you Tony for the heads-up about Knightroots, a free site of Hampshire, England parish register transcriptions.

Microsoft’s Bing shopping site has a few new updates.

The Huffington Post is launching a Twitter edition to focus more on “real-time news.” I’m not mentioning this as an endorsement of Huffington Post, I’m mentioning it because there is a very real difference between “real-time” news and more developed news stories, and making a distinction between them is going to be a growing problem for news organizations. This is one way the problem is being addressed.

I stumbled across a site in my wandering around that hasn’t even opened yet — private betas start going out April 26. Mindflash will let users create their own self-paced training courses. Looks like it could be extremely useful for work.

A database of over 6,000 red light and speed cameras. NYT blog post

Yes, I’m discovering this way late, but the fact that there is an actual Rickroll database is cracking me up. Good morning, Internet…

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