Morning Buzz — April 12, 2010

Thanks to Designinstruct for the pointer to the Vintage World War II poster collection. There are over 60 of them here, and while I didn’t see any annotation they’re available in a large PDF format.

VERY cool. NASA is partnering with the Internet Archive to archive digital imagery.

Twitter + Money + Bill Gross = new search startup TweetUp, which launches today. (I thought TweetUp meant “Meetups for tweeters?) I may write more on this after I’ve tried it out.

Maps, diagrams, and cutaways from comic books! What a great browse. Snickerdoodles to Boing Boing.

The Norway State Archives have released a variety of World War II documents, including prison camp records and pages from prisoner’s diaries. Article about the release here; archives themselves here but that site is, of course, in Norwegian.

The New Zealand National Library is running its second “harvest” of Web pages next month. The last harvest was in 2008.

Check out these 10 Creative Users for Twitter. Yes, there are even LAUNDRY ROOMS twittering now, though they are kind of boring. Good morning, Internet…

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