Morning Buzz — April 13, 2010

Check this out: a search engine for cycling tours. Which is great, except now I have that Monty Python routine running through my head. “I’m on a cycling tour of North Cornwall…”

The David Rumsey collection has added 764 new maps.

SearchEngineGuide supplies us with all the skinny on Google’s purchase of Plink.

The prolific Charles Bailey released yesterday the sixth edition of his Google Books Bibliography, which goes all the way from “AAP Sues Google over Scan Plan” to “Google Offers Compromise, but Pubs Say It’s Not Enough”. Items referenced span from 2005 to last week.

Search Engine Watch has a great breakdown of Americans’ “core search” activity — basically searches on search engines — versus “expanded searches,” which are on non-search-specific properties like Facebook. There’s some serious expanded searching going on out there.

Nothing says municipal luv like a city naming an ice cream flavor after a corporation. But seriously — calling the ice cream Google Fiber? Fiber? Ice cream? ggghhhh. Good morning, Internet…

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